My photography method

Alex Pallett Photography

  • I capture natural images using available light. Natural light portraiture are often my most popular creative commissions.
  • I have a studio where we can get very creative. I have extensive graphics and photo editing training. We can use glitter, powder, costumes, lights, you name it!
  • I give you unlimited high resolution large format images from your photo shoot in a digital form. You may print them or I can print them for you. Canvas Prints
  • I come to you or a location of your choice in the local Ballarat and Buninyong area.

Link: Children and Families Gallery


Children’s portrait photography.

Why children make up the majority of my creative commissions? Children have an openness we tend to loose as adults.  Openness in my subjects mean I can gain direct insight into their character and as a photographer my job is to capture that and… not get in their way.

Kids don’t fake it, they generally can’t pretend to smile so when they do, they actually mean it. It’s genuine.

I choose to photograph children in their spaces and in their clothes, which means they are more likely to be themselves and allows a more accurate record of them at that time.

For most of my photography children aren’t in a studio and this produces a natural, genuine memory and in keeping with my creative ethos.

Parents are often surprised at how relaxed, gentle and un-intrusive this photography style is. There are no barked out instructions and awkward poses. In fact I get into the awkward positions and follow children playing, being themselves.

I am also a school teacher which gives me a little advantage with challenging and shy children. My aim is to allow them to be themselves, enjoy presenting themselves and experience a positive creative photo shoot.

Should you have any questions. Please give me a call or email.


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