alex photo Alex Pallett is Buninyong based freelance photographer of children, weddings and families, mainly in the Ballarat and Daylesford area of Victoria, Australia

Locations are of the clients choice. Alex captures creative natural light outdoor photo-shoot and professional studio sessions.

Background: Alex is a qualified photographer and designer, artist and registered school teacher. Her career has enabled the enriching pleasure of living and working around the world. To name a few; Britain, Ireland, South Korea, China and Australia.


  • I capture natural images using natural light.
  • I have a portable strobe studio.
  • I am creative and have 20+ years of graphics/photography/art and design experience.
  • I offer images in a digital form. You may print them or I can print them for you.
  • I come to you or a location of your choice in the local Ballarat and Buninyong area.

I am predominantly a children’s portrait photographer.

 Local weddings are also a creative aspect of my work. I see them an opportunity to relax adults and give them an enjoyable photography experience.

Why children? Children have an openness we tend to loose as adults.  Openness in my subjects mean I can gain direct insight into their character and as a photographer my job is to capture that and… not get in their way. Children generally can’t pretend to smile so when they do, they actually mean it. It’s genuine.

I choose to photograph children in their spaces and in their clothes, which means they are more likely to be themselves and allows a more accurate record of them at that time.

Parents are often surprised at how relaxed, gentle and un-intrusive my photography style is. There are no barked out instructions and awkward poses. In fact I get into the awkward positions and follow children playing, being themselves.

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