Dancing with flour!

We had an amazing time at Dancemakers. This was the first time I’ve attempted anything like this and it worked! The creative team that made this happen were the talented young dancers involved and their teachers. They did an excellent job of making flour look beautiful!

Alice Peculiarity by Buninyong Photographer Alex Pallett.

Alex Pallett special effects Alice

Next week I have a custom shoot booked for an Alice in Wonderland inspired theme. It sparked a memory from last year as I attempted to capture the magic and curiousness of the story written by English mathematician Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll.

Above, this trio of images shows a little of the process I put each image through. The first, completely unprocessed, the second I’ve edited in Adobe Lightroom and the third I brought into Photoshop and added the wings to a dancer and the Wonderland imagery to the brick.

Alex Pallett special effects Alice2

Alex Pallett special effects Alice3