Working with Animals and Children

Children and Animals photographer Alex Pallett

This is a photograph of my sisters horse and niece.  I’ve heard of the saying “never work with children and animals”. I admit, they move around very quickly, tend not to stop long enough to be photographed and some don’t even want to be photographed. So, it’s best sometimes to ‘let them be’, children and animals that is and capture those moments of ‘just being them!’

Photography by Ballarat and Buninyong Photographer – Alex Pallett

Family and Friends in Buninyong

Ballarat family photography Alex PallettI often get asked for ideal photography locations to capture family and friends. Working with children so frequently I know they are at their best,  relaxed and playful in their own back yard.

Children are themselves in spaces they are all ready familiar with, the result – they appear confident and display characteristics that are individual to them. Parents often prefer to see photos of their children just ‘being themselves’. Which in itself is beautiful and unique.